#positive affirmation day

#POSITIVEAFFIRMATIONDAY is an annual event has been evolving since 2013, it is a grassroots movement, developed and inspired by people living with HIV. It has grown from one simple profile picture to a global statement of empowerment. Each participant is encouraged to share a life affirming status following the words #Iam, originally limited to the letters H I and V this year any words or language can be shared  that promote a sense of well-being and self-worth.








Every year on December 2nd, following World AIDS Day (WAD), people living with HIV, our allies and supporters come together to be present, alive and joyful. This day of celebration redefines HIV, and rebalances what for many is a day to grieve. On December 1st it is important to honour and remember the past and not forget history, however, we want to affirm that in 2018 living with HIV does not prevent us from loving, contributing and creating a greater world for future generations.

"Shame cannot survive being spoken, when it is met with empathy. Fear cannot be perpetuated, when greeted with love. Stigma cannot continue, when people chose to accept themselves and others, without discrimination. Belonging, feeling connected, being free to demonstrate our humanity, allows us all to be healthy and heartfelt."


- Mel Rattue -


   Join us by... 


  • Talking about HIV in a positive way to others, spreading the message of  #UequalsU and breaking down stigma.

  • Getting creative and downloading our
    customisable frame.

  • Using our Facebook Frames as your profile picture and sharing the event with others.

  • Choosing one of the frames  below.

  • Using #PADHIV and                #POSITIVEAFFIRMATIONDAYon your social media.








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