“Your guided meditations are wonderfully relaxing and truly helpful in promoting the best health and balance possible,”


CM, New York


Positively Mindful is a not-for-profit grassroots organisation that has grown from a small seed into a mighty movement.


By connecting people locally and internationally we have been able to share new ways of being well with HIV and spread messages that promote positive awareness.

  We are all about raising consciousness, individually and collectively, to share the idea that as humans we are all “living with HIV”. This virus affects us all, and together we can act to educate and support each other by creating new thinking, new discussions, and new ways of seeing things.


Being well with HIV isn’t just about medication- It’s about understanding the interactions between our mind, body and environment.


Mindfulness isn’t just about meditation-  It’s  about being aware; paying attention and focusing on our experiences, moment to moment as they unfold.

It’s time for a new dialogue about HIV, it’s been 30 years and despite the effectiveness of medications as treatment and prevention, fear persists. This needs to change.

In London, over 90% of people diagnosed are currently on treatment and have achieved an Undetectable Viral Load - we want this to be replicated everywhere.


The message of Undetectable=Untransmittable (#UequalsU) explains a scientific fact that needs to be shared with and by everyone. Globally 52% of people diagnosed with HIV are women, and we need specific services that support and protect us. 


Positively Mindful wants to redefine HIV – to show who we are and that we are so much more than our positive status. We can be an asset, we are not a burden, we are not a threat, we are human and humanity needs to wake up. If we can connect together to share a sense of belonging, and self-worth, we can all live well.

Positively Mindful CIC is a community, anyone who wants to raise a positive awareness is welcome to join; either as an individual or organisation. It was founded by one positive woman,
Mel Rattue, and has benefitted over a thousand people to date. 
Diagnosed with HIV in 2001 and offered little hope, for herself, her husband, and unborn child, she was caught in a downward spiral of secrecy and fear. This was until she participated in a scientific study exploring how connection with others could improve overall wellbeing.

“I would not be here if I hadn’t been introduced to the healing that can be accessed when we are with our peers, feeling accepted, heard and understood is so empowering”. She turned to advocacy, then activism, sharing the benefits of peer support within the HIV community, and developed the Mindfulness Based HIV Health course (MBHH) and Positive Affirmation Day (PADHIV). Mel’s journey continues, as she now teaches Mindfulness in schools, businesses and communities.


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